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BT Outdoors

Letter from Bob

We invite you to see us at BT Outdoors in Newport, Nebraska. Outdoorsmen travel to our lodges every season in search of Whitetail, Mule deer and Merriam turkey. I have hunted all my life throughout the Midwest and Southeast and stumbled across nearly mystical hunting grounds in the fertile, unmolested river bottoms of Nebraska.

You may ask what what do we offer at BT Outdoors? We provide nearly everything for the perfect hunt in Nebraska: transportation while hunting, all meals, drinks, snacks, guide, treestands, blinds, retrieval of game, care of game after kill. We know you come for the hunt, but we also excel in offering tasty meals, comfortable accomodations and lasting friendships. Hunters are limited to four at a time to ensure a quality hunt for everyone maintaining uncompressed surroundings.

The cost of your hunt includes lodging, meals and transportation to and from the stands. We only harvest mature bucks, Minimum 130 class (no trophy fees). Whitetail, Mule deer and turkey licenses can be purchased "over the counter".

BT Outdoors was created to provide an excellent hunting experience for the price. Give us a call to create your own memories of hunting in Nebraska.

Happy Hunting,

Bob and Tammy Senter

BT Outdoors